Rashid Bhikha

Rashid son of famous singer/songwriter Zain Bhikha made his singing debut back in 2002 on his fathers album ‘Our World’. Since then he appeared on Yusuf Islam’s I Look, I See album gaining him popularity worldwide. Then, Rashid was 10 years old, now at the age of 13 he records the song ‘Can’t U See’ a departure from his usual style but one which he thoroughly enjoyed especially when the message is one that we all truly need to hear.

Rashid tours extensively with his father giving a youthful alternative to the audiences who come to the shows. His experience for a young man is vast being one of the few teenage nasheed artists to perform at esteemed venues like the London's Royal Albert Hall in front of sell out audiences; this, coupled with working closely with Yusuf Islam who wrote "Your Mother" (which appeared on I Look, I See) which later was sung by Rashid shows the calibre of his artistic capabilities.

He is greatly admired by Yusuf and many of the other artists and his debut album "Allah Knows" features not only his father but also close friend Dawud Wharnsby Ali and Abdul-Malik Ahmad of Native Deen.Away from the stage Rashid is an avid footballer and balances his life of touring well with his commitment to school and family life being a great role model to his two younger brothers.

By: Muslim Hip Hop

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